Who, What, When, Where and Why…. oh and Hello

Like so many of us, when I was born I was unplanned and unwanted.  I am a product of female defiance, in that I was not aborted.  Ekundayo, sorrow becomes joy was my birth name, and it is fitting.  Ever more defiant, my mother named me Omoleye: the child that’s a source of prestige.  Both names and the change of them, established the foundation of my life.

As a little boy I was a Discovery Channel child.  Not this new Pawn Shop, Shark Week Discovery that is out now a days.  But the REAL, explanations about the physics and chemical make-up of a single volcano for 2 hrs, Discovery.  In short I was always a nerd.  Thus after seeing Angela Jolie in Hackers, it was decided that I was going to be a computer programmer.  A life of techo raves, drugs, hot women, and computers awaited me.  After teaching myself DOS-Basic at the age of 7, 3 years of AP C++ at a science and tech high school, 4 years of information systems at the University of Maryland and 10 years of consulting with 2 large consulting firms working in both the public and private sectors, the only acid-burn I have found requires Rolaids and Tums.  But I have found ample opportunity for improvement within Information Technology, and the corporate world at large.

Recently a one of my clients said “You need to be a professor, or a thought leader!”  It was this client in particular who opened my eyes to the fact that there may be an audience interested in my ideas.  So I decided to add my voice to the choir of voices in the blogosphere, and the fact that you are reading this implies that it is at least being heard by one.

While there is value in specialization, our modern need for it has oversimplified critical analysis and stifled opportunities for discovery.  My AP Comp Sci teacher Mrs. Charles used to tell me, “you do not live on an island”.  And this is so of all concepts.  There is an interplay between science, religion, psychology and business.  While the core focus of this blog will be on the corporate world, specifically from an IT perspective, I intend on deeply exploring the effects of life over-all, as it applies to us at work and how we at work effect it.

In college I would often be invited to speak at dinner parties.  I had one friend in particularly who would invite me to parties, and once enough people had arrived, and he and “serendipitously” gathered the majority of us in a single room.  He would interrupt whatever conversation I was having with whatever beautiful person I was speaking with and ask so that everyone could hear, “Mr. eL!… what are your thoughts on a woman’s place in the household!?”  Clearly this was a provocative conversation, and despite how I protested or tried deflect this predictable pattern, I would eventually find myself standing in the front of a room, surrounded by people explaining and debating whatever concept/issue of the day that had been brought to the floor.  It is in this spirit I would like to execute this blog.  I would like to think of this as more of a conversation, and interaction is important.  I welcome your feedback and will make a vigorous effort to address subjects that you bring to the floor and keep you engaged.  In the absents of this, there is much activity on the interwebs and I will leverage my life experiences, articles and current events to populate the web with my thoughts weekly.  There will be no particular drop date to support varying life events and such, however at some point in a given 7 day week, I plan on releasing something, even if small.

While this will be blogging here, I have other more creative expressions elsewhere on the net.  Specifically I have a running fictional story @LuckyLeye on Twitter.   I also release a photo daily on Instagram @Nemos_eye.

I’d like to think that this blog does not just serve as a location for me to express, refine and challenge my ideas, but that these ideas transform the world.  Not just from an individual perspective, but in in the worlds core philosophies; seeding the ideas from which a better world can bloom tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “Who, What, When, Where and Why…. oh and Hello

  1. I’m so glad that you’re client’s comment turned on a light switch. I’ve only known you for a few months and my thoughts are this is what you are supposed to be doing. I’m happy that your thoughts have turned into actions, and I’m happy that you’re sharing something positive with society – a thought provoking forum for people to share ideas. It looks like I may be the 1st guest of many to post, so I’m honored, brother.

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